PAT MCLAGAN has successfully worked with leading organizations on the breakthrough edge of organization management since the early 70’s. But TODAY, what was breakthrough is moving into the mainstream… the time is NOW for more participation, faster alignment, better use of power and authority, and vastly better people management and development.

A little history: She developed Learning to Learn programs, competency-based human resource practices and self-development tools before there was talk about the Information Age. In 1973 a fortune 10 company bought 10,000 copies of her first book, Efficient Information Processing and Learning in Changing Times – and gave it to everybody in leadership development programs (don’t look for it, it isn’t available any more… but the ideas show up in her work today.)

Her early work with major businesses and agencies like GE and NASA helped launch new approaches to leadership development – believe it or not, approaches that focused more on application than lecture.

In the 80’s and 90’s she also reminded us that “It’s an Age of Participation and networks. This was well before the Internet, globalization, and social media tools made these ideas the new reality.

She helped forecast and shape the evolution of the human resource development field – leading studies and guiding several professional associations and journals focused on people development.

In addition, she has guided major and complex change initiatives in telecommunications, technology, international health, and – most complex of all – with South African businesses before, during and after the end of Apartheid.

Today, McLagan is focused on helping today’s organizations become fully engaged LEARNING ENTERPRISES. Contact us for more information