Call on Pat McLagan and McLagan International, Inc., to explore and,
if you choose, to assist in these areas. Check out what "Clients say" to prove the points:

  • Leadership Development

    McLagan International, Inc. has a
    long history focused on the evolution
    of leaders. We have helped design
    and facilitate leadership programs
    for GE, NASA, Citibank, AT&T,
    SABMiller, the Sate of Georgia,
    and many more.

    Our conclusions?

    • Leadership is both more difficult and changing for today's complex and uncertain times.
    • Leaders must both lead and help change everyone's mindset so that all participants are empowered and responsible players for success.

    We will bring a unique and experienced perspective to your leadership development initiatives:

    • Design high impact LEADERSHIP MODULES for your leadership development program
    • Develop a COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK to focus the development of your leaders
    • Add a MODULE ON THE USE OF POWER so that your leaders can use the authority of their position for the best interests of your organization and its stakeholders.

    Contact Us to explore how to create a powerful leadership ethos that can focus and guide your business.

    Pat's new book, The Shadow Side of Power: Lessons for Leaders focuses on a key element of leadership development: how to wisely use the power of position to get results.

    Add this book to your
    leaders' required reading.

  • Strategy Implementation

    McLagan will work with you to
    ensure that:

    • Your strategies are translated for action
    • You have reliable and effective implementation processes – appropriate to the pace and demands of teoday's workplace
    • Everyone is aligned and engaged

    Explore how you can..

    • Better manage cross-boundary goals and initiatives that don't easily get done in traditional "silos".
    • Refine your performance management and strategy implementation processes for greater relevance in this more networked performance environment

    Contact Us to explore possibilities. Absolutely no obligation

    On-the-Level: Performance Communication That Works
    helps people talk about performance issues even when there are power differences. These kinds of conversations are vital for getting things done. Consider putting a copy of this book on everyone's desk.

  • Change Management

    60% of all change initiatives fail. Sound high? It's a statistic that consistently shows up in research.

    Pat McLagan is one of the world's most experienced experts in guiding complex change. For four decades she and her company have taught programs, educated change leaders, reviewed and interpreted global research, and worked side-by-side with clients on change projects all over the world.

    She works collaboratively with you to increase the probability that your change projects will succeed, with less cost and more positive energy.

    • The Leading Change Workshop – 1-3 workshop days customized to your needs
    • Executive Briefings and Speeches – focusing on research and insights executives need to know in order to plan and support successful change initiatives and to transform their business
    • Consulting and Coaching – helping you and your teams to develop change leadership capacity and to plan and implement change initiatives.

    Contact Us to explore how to create a powerful leadership ethos that can focus and guide your business

    Change Is Everybody's Business
    Help EVERYBODY in your business to become a positive change ally – give them each a copy of