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We'd like to think that leadership is a rational process - something that can be taught behaviorally and conceptually - according to a formula. But once power differences enter the picture, all bets on rational solutions are off. Actual and perceived power differences affect how everybody behaves, often replacing important and even shared goals of the business with defensive and self-optimizing maneuvers by leaders and those on their teams. In psychological terms, the SHADOW is a constant factor when power is involved!

This book is for those who are or want to be in a formal leadership role, aspire to be great and respected leaders, and are willing to face into the darker aspects of power--its temptations and misperceptions. Readers will be energized to use their position power for greater institutional performance, personal development, and legacy.

""The Shadow Side of Power is just plain great story-telling - the kind that draws you in, stirs your passions, sustains your interest, teaches meaningful lessons, and leaves you both gratified and wanting more" Jim Kouzes, co-author of the bestselling, The Leadership Challenge.